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Fashion & Textile Design CAD Software



Whether you’re looking for design inspiration, creating photorealistic draping combos in a hurry, sketching freehand or developing storyboards,
SmartDesigner™ offers a complete set of expert tools. SmartDesigner™ improves the quality of presentation, helps to develop better designs, and most importantly, seamlessly links your design desk with knitting machines directly.
SmartDesigner™ is offered via the Application Service Provider (ASP) model. This means the program is web-based, which allows anyone to use the program anywhere at any time. Your work is stored in your own computer. All you need is Internet access and plentiful of new ideas. What’s more, we have created a series of image libraries to leave you more time for creative tasks that matter.

Also, it is on a pay-per-use basis, so there is no burden of an initial investment as long as a monthly fee is paid. (This monthly fees also cover automatic upgrades and our intuitive user learning program)

SmartDesigner™ is online CAD software with various functions to express the designer’s infinite creativity. The direct combination of design features of the industrial specialty and users’ interface shortens the development time while maintaining creativity.